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Legal support for IT business owners

For IT business owners providing supply & support services

JCLM have experience of assisting IT business owners who provide IT supply and support services to other businesses.

This work primarily involves negotiating a large variety of IT contracts including IT Supply Contracts and IT Service Contracts and Service Level Agreements: standard form and bespoke where necessary.

JCLM in respect of supply contracts have dealt with issues such as price reviews, payment terms, late payment, warranties, indemnities, termination provisions and IP issues (in respect of hardware and software supplied) and also service issues such as onsite service calls, maintenance, telephone support, upgrades, remote monitoring, user training and software support.

“Without Jamie, I don’t think I would be able to get my dispute resolved. He is very clear about the approach to be taken, outlining what will work and what won’t via a plan of action. Jamie is highly responsive via a text, email or call. “

– James, from Scotland

In-House Solicitor

Industry risk is all around you. It is our job to tell you about it. JCLM only works in industry sectors it understands. We’ll become your In-House Solicitor advising on risk, compliance and litigation for a monthly fee.

HR Issues

JCLM can draft restrictive covenants which preclude former employees from disrupting your business. We believe that prevention is better than cure and have in place bespoke HR procedures to enable problems with employees to be dealt with early on.

Commercial Contracts

JCLM can provide advice on your Terms of Business and those provided by your suppliers. This includes making any changes we consider are necessary as a result of legislative and industry requirements. We can also support you in disputes. 

Services for Business Owners

JCLM have also focused on Service Level Agreements dealing with service availability, response times, escalation protocols, performance reviews, data analytics and record keeping.

We're steadfast in our approach to delivering outstanding legal services.

Case Studies

Learn all about the ways JCLM Solicitors supports clients with a wide range of legal concerns in our collection of case studies.

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About JCLM Solicitors

The consumer is king? The consumer is always right? Maybe in a restaurant or shop. But what if you are an SME owner? Ignored by the government during COVID; dealing with IR35, Brexit and legal burdens such as Data Protection and GDPR all alone.

The reality? The consumer is not the king; nor is he ever right: he is ignored and marginalised. JCLM is a crusader for the silent majority of SME owners and consumers who have been treated badly by those in power. It is our mission to restore fairness and balance to the market.

With our unique one stop shop monthly service, JCLM deals with many of the problems facing SME owners on a day to day and strategic level: problems with suppliers and employees, unpaid invoices, industry issues, legislation.


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