Mis-Sold SIPPs

What is a SIPP?

Pensions mis-selling is rife. A self-invested personal pension (SIPP) usually involves an individual moving their pension pot out of an occupational scheme into a particular asset or class of assets following advice from an Independent Financial Advisor or a Pension Company.
While the idea is to provide the pension holder with more involvement and choice as to how their pension pot is deployed quite often the advice comes with a promise of high level returns which do not materialise.

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Mis-sold SIPPs

Unfortunately for some people, an Independent Financial Adviser or a Pension Company may transfer their pension pot into a range of high risk investments which are unsuitable for their needs, and do not match an individual’s state preference and appetite for risk. Quite often too the risks of these schemes are not adequately explained and the promise of high level returns does not materialise.

These schemes are typically property schemes, off-plan holiday resorts, high risk investments, agricultural projects, commercial property, exotic UCIS schemes, self-storage pods, green energy schemes or carbon credit/environmental schemes.

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