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Begin with a strong foundation

While Jamie Magill has been a Solicitor for nearly 20 years, JCLM is a start-up too! We feel your pain (no we really do) and we are here to help you! We have up to date experience of the legal infrastructure you need to have in place to set up a business and navigate it through the difficult terrain of the early days: we will take care of the boring bits for you- terms of business, supplier contracts, data policies, HR, chasing invoices so you can focus on growing the business. We wish to grow with you and become your trusted advisor moving forward: when you expand and acquire new offices or factory space and take on new employees we hope you will let us do with legal work for you.

Jamie Magill is also prepared to mentor you during this process and offer access to his network of trusted advisors expert at assisting start-up businesses: these advisors include marketing professionals, website developers, accountants, business planners, funders and investors. The “one stop shop” you really need to move things forward- and no you don’t need a Linkedin guru in case you were wondering…

While we have focused to date on the construction and engineering, IT and brewery sectors this does not mean we cannot work elsewhere. Whether you are a butcher, a baker or a financial advisor we understand where you are and how tough things can be as a start-up: maybe you have “gone it alone” after years of agonizing over the risks and rewards. We know how you feel because we have been there: talk to us about what we can do to help.

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks for helping me with my mortgage misselling claim. Cannot tell you enough how happy I am with the result you got. Absolutely terrific service from start to finish. Thank you again.”

– Heather, from Cardiff

Intellectual Property

JCLM is accustomed to dealing with situations where a business or individual is exploiting your hard-earned ideas or knowledge base. JCLM has experience in requesting injunctions from the court in such matters and requesting financial compensation for any losses you have suffered.

Shareholder Disputes

 JCLM provides advice on all business law matters- including disagreements among shareholders and directors’ disputes- in a timely and cost effective manner. We believe in resolving tensions sensibly and calmly wherever possible to ensure that your business can get back to normality.

In-House Solicitor

Industry risk is all around you. We consider at JCLM that it is our job to tell you about it. JCLM only works in industry sectors it understands. Subscribe to JCLM’s monthly service for SMEs and we’ll become your In-House Solicitor advising on risk, compliance and litigation for a monthly fee.

We're challenging the conventional wisdom of large, traditional legal firms to offer a service that’s on your side.

Case Studies

Here are some of the ways that we’ve been able to help and support clients across industries and legal requirements.

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About JCLM Solicitors

JCLM Solicitors cuts through the confusion and pretence of the legal sector. A champion of the underdog, we exist to provide reliable, straightforward and accessible legal services for SMEs and the individual.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of large, traditional legal firms to offer a service that’s on your side. We are not prepared to accept the status quo without enquiry, nor are we conflicted or in the hands of business partners/funders. We act only for our clients.

The relationships we form with our clients are built to last: we don’t switch off at 5pm, and you don’t need an appointment. JCLM Solicitors act as an extension of your business or personal interests, and you can rely on us to be determined, fearless and steadfast in our response to your legal requirements.


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