Boss Digital

Even prior to the pandemic the digital world represented the principal route to market for most law firms. Whether specialising in high volume consumer legal products, or at the more corporate end of the spectrum, the majority of customer touchpoint will occur within a digital setting.

Boss Digital specialise in helping ambitious law firms maximise their customer engagement online through a variety of online tactics but with a particular emphasis on SEO. These SEO campaigns can be broken down into the following stages:

  1. Technical – in one sense technical SEO can be described as something of a hygiene factor. For example, having a page that loads in half a second rather than 1 second is unlikely to have a significant impact on your site’s performance, but if you have lots of pages that take 15 or 20 seconds to load then that will absolutely hold you back. The same goes with broken links, uncompressed impages or messy code. However, when you add each of these marginal elements together, their compound impact is actually very real and can offer brands a distinct advantage.
  2. On-page – conventional on-page optimisation is limited to the tags and elements that inform Google as to the subject of different page components. The most impactful are the title tags, image alt tags, URLs and headers, although for the latter we would always strongly recommend that you prioritise brand and user experience over shoe-horning in specific target key phrases.
  3. Broad relevance – far more important than traditional on-page SEO is the broader relevance of the page. For example, if your firm is selling legal solutions relating to IP, then you should place yourself in the mind of your customer and think about the things they might be considering or anticipating when they search for “IP lawyers”. Are they hoping to find technical information about the specifics of your service? Are they hoping to see an indication of your pricing? Are they hoping to see where your offices are based in case they need to visit you in person? DO they have specific questions that might be satisfied via a well constructed FAQ section? By building a large landing page rich in detail that caters to each of these intents, you will find you are far more likely to perform well for the query in question, even if the website domain has only limited authority.


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