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Your in-house solicitor for risk, compliance and litigation

Should you subscribe to JCLM’s monthly service for SMEs we consider ourselves to be your In-House Solicitor advising on risk, compliance and litigation for a monthly fee.

We appreciate you want to run your business and look after your customer. We also appreciate that this is time consuming. However industry risk is all around you. We consider at JCLM that it is our job to tell you about it. JCLM only works in industry sectors it understands.

“I engaged with Jamie to assist me with my dispute. Matters had become circular and it felt as though I was becoming a little out of my depth with a legal process appearing inevitable. Jamie unselfishly encouraged me to keep dialogue going and armed me with a greater understanding around the law relating to my dispute. This resulted in far improved dialogue with the other party and an eventual settlement.”

– Alex, from Stockport


JCLM have experience of working with a variety of SMEs such as plumbers, joiners, electricians, welders and builders. Advice ranges from debt recovery through to a review of supplier contracts and dealing with common problems such as IP issues, HR, difficult employees, AML matters and Data Protection.


JCLM have up to date experience of the legal infrastructure you need to have in place to set up a business and navigate it through the difficult terrain of the early days: we will take care of the boring bits for you- terms of business, supplier contracts, data policies, HR, chasing invoices so you can focus on growing the business.


JCLM have experience of assisting IT business owners who provide IT supply and support services to other businesses. This work primarily involves negotiating a large variety of IT contracts including IT Supply Contracts and IT Service Contracts and Service Level Agreements: standard form and bespoke where necessary.

Our Expertise

JCLM has experience in assisting entrepreneurs and start-up firms and has offered mentoring services in respect of the same. Having gone through the process of setting up a legal consultancy and a law firm Jamie Magill knows the issues that start-up owners face and also has access to a network of trusted advisors (accountants, funders, expert marketing professionals) who can assist where required.

JCLM has particular expertise in working with Construction and Engineering firms, Brewers and IT suppliers.

A legal service with your interests in mind.

Case Studies

Find out more about the work we do with our clients in our range of case studies.

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About JCLM Solicitors

JCLM Solicitors cuts through the confusion and pretence of the legal sector. A champion of the underdog, we exist to provide reliable, straightforward and accessible legal services for SMEs and the individual.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of large, traditional legal firms to offer a service that’s on your side. We are not prepared to accept the status quo without enquiry, nor are we conflicted or in the hands of business partners/funders. We act only for our clients.


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Start-up professional service firms often reflect the corporate background of their founders: arrogant, complacent and resistant to change. A different approach is needed when working with SME owners and individuals. Understanding their business and the sector they operate in-and their

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