Fury v Joshua – Which one are we?

They say you find out a lot about people by who they back in a conflict or who they prefer out of John or Paul or Ringo or George. You may be a Roundhead or a Cavalier. Are you more Liam than Noel? Red or blue? What does that say about you? And your approach to business? Maybe you are grit and substance over sheen and presentation.

The boxing dialectic is interesting. You may prefer the power of Canelo to the silky smooth Mayweather? Or think there hasn’t been a good heavyweight since George Foreman?

How about Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua? Who do you want to win? We want Fury. Life’s underdog often has talent and passion in abundance. It may be enough to defeat the Olympic poster boy from next door who has the natural benefits of a winning smile and Sky TV money. But too often the underdog lacks opportunity and outlet.

Business lesson: anyone with drive and determination (and a bit of skill and support) can upset the odds of life and win.

This underdog spirit is in the DNA of JCLM: we are underdogs ourselves so understand the struggles of SME owners and individuals in law, business and life.

Let’s take on the challenge together, lace on the gloves and win.

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