Employee Issues & HR Disputes

Prevention is Better than a Cure

We fully appreciate the disruption former employees can cause to you if they leave and set up a business in opposition or poach customers and other employees.  It can be devastating: fatal even and crush morale in the process. JCLM have experience in drafting restrictive covenants which preclude employees from acting in this way and enforcing them through cease and desist letters and court action where necessary. This may involve urgently seeking an injunction to prevent the action continuing and seeking financial compensation for loss of profit on the opportunities deprived by the former employee. 

“Without Jamie, I don’t think I would be able to get my dispute resolved. He is very clear about the approach to be taken, outlining what will work and what won’t via a plan of action. Jamie is highly responsive via a text, email or call. “

– James, From Scotland


JCLM have experience of working with a variety of SMEs such as plumbers, joiners, electricians, welders and builders. Advice ranges from debt recovery through to a review of supplier contracts and dealing with common problems such as IP issues, HR, difficult employees, AML matters and Data Protection.


JCLM have up to date experience of the legal infrastructure you need to have in place to set up a business and navigate it through the difficult terrain of the early days: we will take care of the boring bits for you so you can focus on growing the business and hitting your goals.


JCLM have experience of working with independent brewers and cask ale producers in the North West and beyond and assisting them with any legal issues that may arise. These range from supply contract negotiation to unpaid invoices and compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Our HR Services

JCLM also believe that prevention is better than cure and have in place bespoke HR procedures to enable problems with employees to be dealt with early on and for issues resolved for the benefit of everyone.

Let's work together to solve problems.

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JCLM Solicitors cuts through the confusion and pretence of the legal sector. A champion of the underdog, we exist to provide reliable, straightforward and accessible legal services for SMEs and the individual.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of large, traditional legal firms to offer a service that’s on your side. We are not prepared to accept the status quo without enquiry, nor are we conflicted or in the hands of business partners/funders. We act only for our clients.


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