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New Book Launch:
"It's Raining Bats and Pads- a story of
Lancashire County Cricket Club 1989-1996"

Jamie Magill is pleased to announce, following the success of “Inglory Inglory Man United”, that he has agreed terms with Pitch Publishing to write a further book entitled: “It’s Raining Bats and Pads- a story of Lancashire County Cricket Club 1989-1996”.

This looks at a very successful period in Lancashire’s history: trophies galore with the likes of Mike Atherton, Neil Fairbrother, Warren Hegg and Wasim Akram thrilling crowds at Old Trafford, Lords and beyond. And if you couldn’t always travel to Canterbury or Colwyn Bay (there are only so many times you can miss double history with Mr Rawlinson), most games were on the BBC anyway with dear old Richie Benaud and Ray Illingworth- before Sky dominated the world and turned red balls white and cricket whites purple and pink.

It fuses the delightful statistics of the day with the author’s own experience of being a fan and a follower during this golden era. Halcyon days indeed: you didn’t need the gimmicks of the IPL and super overs to enjoy the wonderful game back then.

Pies and pints: not a protein shake in sight. The book is due to be published in March 2022.

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