Our Values

A legal service that has your back

JCLM Solicitors exists to provide reliable, straightforward and accessible legal services for SMEs and the individual.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of large, traditional legal firms to offer a service that’s on your side. We are not prepared to accept the status quo without enquiry, nor are we conflicted or in the hands of business partners/funders. We act only for our clients.

A straight-talking approach

Like its founder, JCLM has a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to every aspect of business. There's no legal jargon or pretentiousness.

Fearless & determined

Unafraid of a challenge, or of larger traditional law firms, we’re relentless in the work we do for our clients.

Champions of the underdog

We support the individual, SMEs and start-ups.

Our Values

Our values form the core of everything we do at JCLM, and provide us with clarity and conviction in the way we approach accessible legal services.

It’s important to us that every client feels like they’re a VIP, and the quality of our service reflects this. Working to your schedule, we do not switch off at 5PM: we’re here when you need us. 

Whatever challenges you face, we’re here to guide and support you as our client. We’re independent, unconflicted or in the hands of business partners and funders. We act only for our clients.

We don’t approach problems in a typical way, nor do we accept the status quo. We tackle issues laterally and embrace a different way of thinking.

A legal service that works for you.