Commercial Contracts

Supporting Businesses With Their Commercial Contracts

JCLM have expertise in a wide variety of Commercial Contracts including those prevalent in the Construction and Engineering, IT and Brewing sector.

We can provide advice on your Terms of Business (including website terms) and those provided by your suppliers- including making any changes we consider are necessary as a result of legislative and industry requirements- and help you in the event that things go wrong.

We are also aware of the legal framework surrounding such contracts as imposed by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (in respect of possible unfair terms, returns/replacements and digital content) if you are dealing with a consumer; and the Unfair Contracts Terms Act 1977 (in respect of limitation clauses and exclusion clauses) in the context of business to business contracts.

“Jamie provided me with excellent advice and support throughout. He is very knowledgeable and approachable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

– Jessica, from London


JCLM have experience of working with a variety of SMEs such as plumbers, joiners, electricians, welders and builders. Advice ranges from debt recovery through to a review of supplier contracts and dealing with common problems such as IP issues, HR, difficult employees, AML matters and Data Protection.


JCLM have up to date experience of the legal infrastructure you need to have in place to set up a business and navigate it through the difficult terrain of the early days: we will take care of the boring bits for you so you can focus on growing the business and hitting your goals.


JCLM have experience of working with independent brewers and cask ale producers in the North West and beyond and assisting them with any legal issues that may arise. These range from supply contract negotiation to unpaid invoices and compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Commercial Contracts: The Common Pitfalls

Commercial Contracts are a matter upon which specialist advice is required but all too rarely sought.

Far too often standard terms are uploaded for free from the internet and appear on a website and do not satisfactorily deal with incorporation of terms, pre-contractual representations, exclusion of liability, warranties and indemnities to be provided, specification, price, delivery and security for payment: let alone appreciate the distinction between a consumer and a business client and its impact on cancellation, termination and break costs.

Far too often matters like this end up in court and cause cash flow issues or worse. JCLM’s monthly service for SMEs intends to deal with this widespread problem.

JCLM can also augment Commercial Contracts by designing bespoke Privacy Policies and Data Protection Policies to ensure compliance with GDPR and national laws. 

Working together to address your legal requirements.

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We challenge the conventional wisdom of large, traditional legal firms to offer a service that’s on your side. We are not prepared to accept the status quo without enquiry, nor are we conflicted or in the hands of business partners/funders. We act only for our clients.


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