Debt Recovery/Insolvency Matters

Preparing Letters before Action, Late Payment Letters, Pre-Action Debt Protocol Letters and Court Action. Also, using the Insolvency Law process where appropriate including preparing Statutory Demands, Pre-Winding Up letters, Bankruptcy Petitions, Winding Up Petitions and enforcing security and Personal Guarantees.

Importantly, JCLM is conflict free and has expertise in both bringing and defending debt recovery/insolvency and enforcement matters where appropriate.

Commercial Litigation

To include employment disputes, disputes with suppliers, contractual disputes and shareholder disputes.

Claims against Gambling Companies

Pursuing Gambling Companies in High Value claims for breach of Gambling Commission Codes such as Anti Money Laundering Provisions and Social Responsibility Requirements.

JCLM has expertise in successfully resolving compensation complaints with Gambling Companies and the Gambling Commission

Challenging the Enforceability of Consumer Credit Agreements

A Legal Audit service challenging the lawfulness of regulated consumer credit agreements.

The service expects to identify defects in Lenders’ documentation, for example an inability to produce a copy of the credit agreements customers entered into and /or deficiencies with the Pre-Contract Information or Default Notices or Notices of Sums in Arrears provided. It may also be the case that Lenders have charged an unfair fee or rate of interest.

Such matters may prevent Lenders from enforcing agreements against customers and possibly give rise to an unfair relationship under section 140A Consumer Credit Act. When an unfair relationship has been determined, the powers of the Court under s.140B of the Act to remedy the position are extensive: this may include requiring the lender to repay any sum paid by the borrower; reducing or discharging any sum payable by the borrower and/or altering the terms of the agreement.

JCLM has expertise in assessing where Lenders may have gone wrong in dealing with the requirements of the Consumer Credit Act.

If any of the above sound familiar JCLM would like to hear from you.

Mis-sold Student Loans

This is an exciting and untapped area of legal challenge.

It is our view that many Student Loans may have been sold with no customer Fact Find conducted or Suitability Report obtained. Quite often Student Loans were expensive and difficult to understand (especially regarding Interest Rates) and rushed through on a “take it or leave it” basis which made it hard for customers to ask meaningful questions, shop elsewhere or seek independent advice.

There is no doubt that Student Loans were the first loans that many young people had taken out so we consider that more care ought to have been exercised in the sale process.

If the above sounds familiar JCLM would like to hear from you.

Compensation for Unsuitable SIPP products and Mortgages

Targeting unsuitable SIPP’s sold by Berkeley Burke, AKBUK Resort Group, Douglas Baillie, GPC, Blue Horizon and others.

JCLM also deal with mortgages which may fail to comply with FCA rules (MCOB) and those which may fall foul of the unfair relationship provisions under section 140A Consumer Credit Act. 

JCLM has expertise in successfully pursuing compensation claims for those mis-sold SIPP products and mortgages.