The Customer- Pauper or King?

The consumer is king? The consumer is always right? Maybe in a restaurant or shop.  

But what if you are an SME owner? Ignored by the government during COVID; dealing with IR35, Brexit and legal burdens such as Data Protection and GDPR all alone.  Who cares if you have lost dividends through no fault of your own? Who cares if you get lost in the Companies Act? Who cares that you are often bullied by customers and suppliers with more financial muscle? 

What if you have suffered losses at the hands of the Gambling Companies? Lost tens of thousands while they sat back and did nothing other than make you a VIP Customer and offer “free trips” to Vegas and Barcelona to encourage you to gamble more?  Or sold a Student Loan as an 18 year old with no explanation as to cost and suitability or alternative products? When it was the first financial product you ever took out? Maybe it was a mortgage or a pension or investment you took out which benefited only the big boys. You trusted your advisor but did he trust you when he took a huge commission he never told you about?

The reality?  The consumer is not the king; nor is he ever right: he is ignored and marginalised.

JCLM is a Crusader for the silent majority of SME owners and consumers who have been treated badly by those in power. It is our mission to restore fairness and balance to the market.

With our unique one-stop shop monthly service JCLM deals with many of the problems facing SME owners on a day to day and strategic level: problems with suppliers and employees, unpaid invoices, industry issues, legislation and more besides.

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