Mortgage mis-sale- Unfair interest charges and arrears

Legal services for start-ups case study for JCLM Solicitors

While mortgage mis-selling primarily relates to what is said and done (or not said and done) at the point of sale of the mortgage what about afterwards? What about the terms of the mortgage? Are they unfair? If so, can they be challenged? There has been speculation in the media about various matters including: Mortgage […]

An interest-only mortgage mis-sale case study

Start Up Company Case Study Addressing Service Cancellations, Non-Payment by Clients and Outstanding Supplier Invoices for an Estate Agency.

According to the Financial Ombudsman Service, 1.67 million people have an interest-only mortgage and many will be due to expire in the next few years. Unfortunately, lots are at risk of losing their home when their mortgage term ends as the capital repayment mechanism (if it ever existed) has failed meaning the only option for […]