Sport for All

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Start-up professional service firms often reflect the corporate background of their founders: arrogant, complacent and resistant to change. A different approach is needed when working with SME owners and individuals. Understanding their business and the sector they operate in-and their concerns- is crucial. The client-not you- will often (but not always) have the answers.  Pep […]

The Customer- Pauper or King?

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The consumer is king? The consumer is always right? Maybe in a restaurant or shop.   But what if you are an SME owner? Ignored by the government during COVID; dealing with IR35, Brexit and legal burdens such as Data Protection and GDPR all alone.  Who cares if you have lost dividends through no fault of […]

Good News For Borrowers!

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Good news for borrowers. Lenders have accepted that regulated consumer credit agreements are unenforceable, paving the way for compensation.