Case Study: Welding Company

Resolving cash flow issues and protecting long-standing relationships.

The Background


Welding Company


Credit Control & Mediation Services

JCLM were asked to help a welding company in Northwich, Cheshire, with a number of legal issues, including:

  • Non-payment of invoices
  • Quality issues with a supplier
  • An underperforming employee

These issues caused problems with cash flow and threatened long-standing relationships.

Solution 1

JCLM was able to update the credit control procedures using better IT, and deploy Letters of Claim to obtain payment of outstanding invoices through mediation, thus preserving the business relationship.

welding company legal case study resolution for JCLM Solicitors
welding company legal case study for JCLM Solicitors

Solution 2

Dialogue with the supplier and an industry expert to test the goods suggested by JCLM identified a problem regarding goods which the supplier bought from its own sources. This was quickly rectified and the relationship is back on track.


Solution 3

JCLM identified that the employee concerned had some personal and family issues relating to COVID-19. The company have now followed JCLM’s advice to establish regular 1:1s for employees to raise any issues informally. The employee is performing well again.

welding company legal case study problem for JCLM Solicitors

I engaged with Jamie to assist me with my dispute. Matters had become circular and it felt as though I was becoming a little out of my depth with a legal process appearing inevitable. Jamie unselfishly encouraged me to keep dialogue going and armed me with a greater understanding around the law relating to my dispute. This resulted in far improved dialogue with the other party and an eventual settlement.

– Alex, from Stockport

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