Case Study: Start-Up Company

Addressing service cancellations, non-payment by clients and outstanding supplier invoices. 

The Background


Start-Up Company 


Invoices & Debts

JCLM were asked to assist a start up company who provide executive training courses and lifestyle solutions for PA’s in the West Midland area.

JCLM were able to identify that there were issues with non-payment of invoices by clients in respect of on-line and physical sales, outstanding invoices owed to suppliers, and further issues with clients cancelling the services. JCLM were also informed that there was evidence that some clients had sought to set up business in opposition to the client.

Solution 1

JCLM was able to:

  • Review terms of business and move the client towards a yearly subscription service payable in 12 monthly instalments.
  • Institute a termination policy which made clients liable for payment of the entirety of a year’s subscription fees if they terminated outside the 14 day “cooling-off” period.
  • Audit credit control procedures and identify priority debtors.
  • Provide the client with debt recovery letters and cease and desist letters where there was evidence of IP infringement.
  • Achieve payment deals with suppliers.
Legal support for start-ups and entrepreneurs case study for JCLM Solicitors
Legal support for start-ups and entrepreneurs case study resolution for JCLM Solicitors

Solution 2

The Client has now resolved its debtor and supplier issues and is in a healthy cash flow position. Jamie Magill continues to assist the client and is currently helping with a return of goods policy. The Client has also been given access to JCLM’s trusted network of advisors to help start-up operations, including marketing and accounting support.

“Jamie helped me with a mortgage interest only misselling claim and a complicated consumer credit dispute which involved tricky case law such as Plevin. He helped me a great deal. He made the difficult legal points very simple to understand and I was delighted with the outcome.”

– Louise, from Winsford

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